My attempt to make a game with the Compo rules

Theme  : Running out of Space

A game were you play as a little girl with social anxiety. Her mind is clouded by her worries.

[Edit] 14/08/18 4am (french time zone){

    • .rar to .zip
  • -two lines of code to clamp the lifePoint in positives values, else you could not heal if some cases }

First time using Box Colliders RigidBody, TileMap, SpriteMask

Art : Paint XP + GIMP

Sound : a violin and Audacity

Engine : Unity 2018


Download 15 MB
Download 3 kB


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I really love this game, I suffer from anxiety while around the public and in situations like ordering from a waiter or other social interactions with strangers.

Interestingly I'm completely fine at work dealing with strangers.

I felt this game definitely captures the feeling of battling with your own thoughts.

Small and quick game. Actually it feels more like designed experience.. There are sometimes these games that provoke thinking and the gameplay is kind of secondary.

Very original touch to the theme. Anxiety keeps overpowering the player making the world smaller. Ambient sounds add to the dramatic atmosphere nicely. Very moody game. There could be even more sounds coming from the environment to intensify the experience.

Love the footsteps the character leaves behind. I think more games should do this kind of tracking. Zombie eyes glowing in the dark is a nice touch too. I think the bubble that keeps shrinking should be more pixelated to fit in with overall pixel art aesthetics.

Good start for your game designing. Hope to see you in the LD Jam also! :)

"Genre Survival" its made my day!