A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

- Jeu créé lors de la SFR Game Jam Connect du 29/06/18 au 01/07/18  sur le thème  : "Si j'étais toi et que tu étais moi"

L'idée développée par ce thème est que deux personnes peuvent avoir une vision du monde différente et voir une même chose de deux façons. L'important pour se comprendre serait de pouvoir dérouler les mécanismes qui mènent à voir un objet d'une certaine manière.

En découle un Jeu type "puzzle" où il faut changer une image en une autre par des transformation simples.

Install instructions

Il faut réajuster manuellement la taille de la fenêtre pour obtenir une résolution "mobile"


pixemall.rar 14 MB
pixemall_ios.rar 213 MB
PixemallAndroid.apk 24 MB


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Despite the slight language barrier, I had fun playing this game! Definitely one of the most challenging puzzle games I have played this year. Just switching the colours is an easy way to solve any of the puzzles, but to avoid penalty points, one has to learn to use the other buttons too and that makes it much more complicated.

I'd think this game would fit into our yearly contest well, there's a special category for jam games.

Hello, thank you for your comment. I didnt  knew i had to upload the game on an english written website at the end of the jam.  The theme of the jam was "if i were you and if you were me",  my first idea was about cultural differences that makes people see thing differently, then you know, it's a jam.  My challenge was just to make a prototype that looks as polished as possible for me. the levels are not well designed but they will be in a future version.    

best regards.

It's definitely got potential, so good luck with it.